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Jay Bugatti Biography

In this content, we’ll share some details about Jay Bugatti. Who is Jay Bugatti, Biography, Net Worth, Surgery, Wikipedia Profile, Family, Age and other relevant information about him.

Jay Bugatti

Who is Jay Bugatti?

Jay Bugatti is a popular Nigerian -dresser, social media personality and brand influencer who’s real name his Chimdi Iche.

Jay Bugatti came to limelight for dressing in female attire, and has ever since been trending on all popular social platforms for looking like a young pretty lady.

He was born on the 24th of April. Jay once revealed that he7;s a transgender and plans to transition as soon as he can afford to.

Jay Bugatti net worth and age

Jay Bugatti Net Worth

The Nigerian famous -dresser, Jay Boogie has an estimated net worth of $50,000-$200,000

Jay Bugatti Age

As of 2021, Jay Bugatti Age is unknown to the public.

Jay Bugatti Wikipedia Profile

Name Chimdi Iche
Age Unknown
Occupation Media Personality and Brand Influencer
State of Origin Unknown
Net Worth $50,000-$200,000

Jay Bugatti Career

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