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How to Increase Transfer Limit on GTB Mobile App

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How to Increase Transfer Limit on GTB Mobile App

How to Increase Transfer Limit on GTB Mobile App. Hey Viewers, welcome to this exclusive tutorial. In this tutorial article, i am going to the proper steps on how to increase your GTB bank transfer limit. If the this has been issue of concern to you, worry no more because this article is here to solve all your worries.

of all, we need to educate ourselves on some important information you need  to know before you can increase your Guaranty Trust Bank transfer limit. Below are some of the necessary information.

How To Transfer Money Using GTB Mobile App

GTBank has made transferring of funds easy for their customers without need to visit the nearest bank location. You can transfer money to any bank in Nigeria using your mobile phone by simply following these list steps to transfer using your GTB mobile app.

How to Transfer with GTB Mobile App

1. Log in to your GTBank mobile banking app using the same login credentials you used to access your online banking account.

NB: In case you don’t have the app on your device, you can download the application on play store for Android users and on iOS store for iPhone users.

2. Then select “Transfers” from the menu bar, and then choose from the transfer options available:

       • To OWN accounts
• To other banks (Use this to transfer to other banks in Nigeria)
• Pre-registered transfer
• FX transactions ( transfer in foreign currencies)

3. Click “New,” then enter the information for your recipients and submit the request.

4. Enter the amount to be transferred and a note.

5. After that, enter your four-digit PIN. To finalize the transaction, click “confirm,” and you will be notified of your success.

GTB Daily Transfer Limit

 A daily cumulative limit of N200,000 is allowed for transfers to GTBank and other bank accounts.

GTBank Mobile App Transfer Limit

The transfer limit for Gtbank mobile app for savings account is two million naira (N2,000,000). While current account Gtbank app is limited to five million naira (N5,000,00).

This means that a GTBank customer can only transfer fund within their account limit. Any amount bigger than that won’t be possible. However, you can increase the transfer limit if you are not satisfied with the limit. This now brings us to the transfer limit increase in the GTB app.

What is the Maximum Amount in GTBank Savings Account

The maximum amount in gtbank savings account is three hundred thousand naira. That is the highest money which you can have in gtbank instant account is N300k and it you can’t exceed that, else the bank will call you to upgrade your account.

How To Increase GTB Transfer Limit On Mobile App

Internet banking is the recent way of banking with ease, with internet banking from Gtbank, you can transfer up to N5M from your savings account.

To further increase the transfer limit for the GTB mobile app, you need to go to any gtbank location in your area. Go to the Customer Service and speak to of the customer service representatives.

First, make enquiry on how you can increase the limit and then request in the GTB app that you want to increase the transfer limit. There you will be given a form to fill out and enter the amount by which you want to increase your maximum transfer in the gtbank mobile app.

Fill the form with your correct bank information properly. When you are done filling out the form, return it to the customer service representative for processing your request. It takes no more than 3hours to complete the process and usually the customer service representative does it right in front of you.

How to increase transfer limit on GTB 77

Now, here is how to increase transfer limit on Gtb 77. of the main reasons your transfer limit is low is the way you activate your transfer pin at USSD*737#. If you activate the wire transfer PIN on 737 without using an ATM card, you have a low wire transfer limit.

To increase your daily limit, request a card for the of N1.075 including VAT if you don’t have card. Then, to enjoy a higher transfer limit, dial *77*5# and choose option 3 to change your existing 737 with a debit card.

How to increase transfer limit on GTB USSD?

Dial *77*5# and select option 3

What is the daily transfer limit for GTB app?

The maximum daily transfer limit for the GTB app in a day is five million Naira(N5,000,000)