October 4, 2022


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BBNaija: Things To Know About Bbnaija’s Wildcard Twist

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BBNaija: Things To Know About Bbnaija’s Wildcard Twist

The Big Brother Naija season 6, Shine Ya Eye, has presented the BBNaija twist of the show with the ‘Wildcards’.

During the second launch show on Sunday, the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, announced that two housemates from all the contestants are actually Wildcards.

Wildcards are fake housemates of the show
Originally, the BBNaija housemates for each season should be 0. However, housemates were announced to the surprise of the fans.

In turn, the organisers announced that two of the housemates are actually fake contestants of the show. Fans are actually excited about this as it is the twist of the Shine Ya Eye season.

Housemates are unaware of who the Wildcards are
Just like the fans, the housemates do not know the Wildcards among them and are to go about their day in the house without having a clue.

Next week Sunday, the housemates will have to figure out who the Wildcards are, in order to get them evicted from the show.

Wildcards’ eviction
If housemates are able to correctly identify the Wildcards among them, the fake contestants will be evicted.

However, if the housemates do not correctly identify the Wildcards, the fake contestants will have to remain in the show and compete for the grand prize worth N90 million.

Wildcard Nominations
Well, there’s more to the twist that Shine Ya Eye season has presented to fans.

If the Wildcards remain in the game by Sunday, the housemates will be given an exclusive power to nominate on Monday.

Wildcards’ Reveal
The Wildcards will be revealed to the fans in a special Diary Session which begins on Thursday by 3:00 pm WAT.

With this, the fans are left to keep guessing who the Wildcards may be.

As usual, this is just the first twist of the show and fans are already anticipating what the next twist might be in the Shine Ya Eye season.